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DIPLOMATIC Magazine | APRIL 2022

In this month’s issue

• STF authorizes the extradition of a member of one of the largest criminal organizations in Italy

• STF states that money laundering whose predicate offenses have been committed in Brazil is within the jurisdiction of Brazilian courts

• President of the STJ delivers a draft law to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security to regulate the application of the Hague Convention in Brazil; CNJ regulates the processing of lawsuits based on the Convention

• State of Rio de Janeiro intends to bring forward proposal for a regulated carbon market; Rio City Hall holds 1st carbon auction in the world with credits from the micromobility sector

• Change in port rules will allow ships loaded with fertilizers to have priority in Brazilian ports

• Presidential decree that reduces the IOF-Exchange rate to zero until 2029 is published

• Brazilian Judiciary moves forward in alignment with the Inter-American Justice System by establishing the National Pact for Human Rights

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