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DIPLOMATIC Magazine | JULY 2022

In this month’s issue

  • Article: Themaximum penalty applicable to the extraditedperson after the Anti Crime Package and the case law ofthe Supreme Federal Court of Brazil

  • President of Brazil published a decree regulating the Corporate Anti Corruption Law Comptroller General regulates the procedure of summary trial of the Administrative Liability Proceeding
  • Central Bank of Brazil opens public consultation to discuss the regulation on foreign credit operations and foreign direct investment under the new Foreign Exchange Act
  • Mercosur reduces the Common External Tariff rate by 10%
  • Brazilian National Agency for Petroleum issues resolution on non discriminatory access to waterway terminals
  • Victims of the Mariana disaster can sue BHP Billiton in the UK
  • Superior Court of Justice holds that insurance contracted for an international trip is not valid after the insured person returns to Brazil

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