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DIPLOMATIC Magazine | JUNE 2022

In this month’s issue

  • The regulatory overview of the carbon market in Brazil

  • Following the Supreme Federal Court, Superior Court of Justice of Brazil affirms that foreign countries cannot invoke immunity from jurisdiction for acts violating human rights
  • Brazilian Administrative Council of Tax Appeals states that profits earned by subsidiaries of companies in countries with treaty with Brazil are not taxed
  • Federal Court vetoes administrative detentions for foreigners under expulsion in Brazil
  • President of Brazil publishes law authorizing Brazil’s administrative retaliation to countries with stalled disputes in the World Trade Organization
  • President of the Brazil sends to Congress a bill that authorizes the Federal Government to assign rights in production-sharing contracts for oil and natural gas
  • FATF publishes global report on the state of effectiveness of money laundering prevention systems and compliance with the organization’s standards
  • Superior Labor Court affirms that the hiring of a chambermaid for a foreign ship must observe the international rules

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