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São Paulo-SP
S. J. Rio Preto-SP

Founded in 2003, the Bento Muniz Advocacia law firm is dedicated to understanding and enhancing clients’ businesses and projects through legal solutions to highly complex issues.

Our secure and committed approach, based on reverence for ethical values and the conviction that the Law is a powerful instrument for social construction and action, is what makes our firm a solid and reliable option in the national legal environment.

We have consistent experience in the areas we act, always with an eye on the most modern normative instruments.

In the sectors in which we operate we are a benchmark and have attracted talented professionals who share our vision and are dedicated to the mission of offering highly qualified services, focused on results, always aware of our clients’ needs and contributing to the country’s development.

The partners coordinate and supervise the teams that are qualified to serve the demands of advisory and consultancy services on an individual basis throughout the country.

Areas of Activity

Administrative Law,
and Regulation

The Administrative Law owns a range of strands for the functioning of the State and the administrative machine, which involves everything from functions exercised by agents to public organs or regulatory agencies. It’s crucial to the specialization on Regulatory Law seeking the conciliation between claims from public nature and private nature.

Searching for the best way to help our clients, we count with specialized professionals who use the most modern administrative and regulatory tools available today, with a broad expertise offering legal support in the following themes:

  • Consultancy about norms or rules that involve public administration
  • Direct action in front of different governmental organs and regulatory agencies
  • Representation on judicial and administrative proceedings
  • Establishing preventive practices
  • Control over public contracts
  • Involvement in bidding  public procurement procedures, with emphasis on elaboration and reviewing of long-term contracts and complex concession projects, and public-private partnerships. 
  • Public workers
  • Private hospitals and “Santas Casas de Misericórdia” to help equalize the public-private relationship.
  • Sectors served:
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Railroad
  • Energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Water
  • Communication
Tax Law,
and Insolvency

The sophisticated Brazilian tax legislation is complex and systematic, therefore, through a solid experience and innovative thinking, we provide legal advice based on a safe action, seeking the most efficient solutions for our clients. the integration with the other areas of the firm – such as the administrative, corporate, labor, regulatory and civil law – guarantees complete and planned tax assistance through a specialized, dedicated group that is always updated  with the new nuances of the area.

In the Tax Law we aim to protect our clients from the misinterpretations of the Public Administration and to decrease or eliminate the undue charging of taxes or legal accessory obligations. This way through our high performance, we can identify the most opportune tax theses according to each specificity, besides that we find out-of-court solutions to tax liabilities for fiscal regularity of companies.

The restructuring of the tax and non-tax debts with the Federal Government, States and Municipalities comprehends a modeling that takes into account the specifics of each case, including the capability of payment, and the possibilities of discounts, timeframe, differentiated amortization flows and the use of credits.

Our professionals combine the most modern tax instruments with a vast expertise in the treatment of the themes in the most diverse economic areas of the country, of which we can highlight:

  • Information Technology
  • Road Transportation
  • Education
  • Factories
  • Construction
  • Associations
  • Exports and Imports
  • Fuels
  • Finance
  • Hospitals
Strategic Advocacy
in Supreme Courts

We act in sensitive and high impact causes for companies, associations and federal entities, using technical rigor, credibility and experience, especially before Supreme Courts and public administration organs based in Brasília/DF:

  • Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF)
  • Brazilian Superior Justice Court (STJ)
  • Brazilian Superior Labour Court (TST)
Corporate Law

Our office will advise your company based on the integration of these areas: Civil Litigation, Corporate Labor Law, Corporate and Commercial Law. This mix benefits the resolution of internal problems with the aim of providing the security for the development of the whole chain of business activity, promoting a good reception from the national and international markets.

We focus on the resolution of all the demands, from the more simple ones to the most complex within Civil Litigation, resolving through real and possible solutions, as well as legally assisting the partners in elaborating a social structure compatible with external requirements for receiving investments, divestiture, incorporation and merger.

We also act in judicial recoveries and/or bankruptcies, both defending the interests of creditors and supporting debtors.

As for the preventive law model, we examine concrete situations in the areas of Labor Law, with a focus on preventing and resolving conflicts, offering specialized work in the Superior Labor Court for both partner firms and interested parties, with case studies, preparation of appeals, memorials and oral arguments, as well as in labor litigation in general.

Within each area of law mentioned, we have a legal manager responsible for a team strategically focused on resolving current and future conflicts, constantly integrating with various economic areas in which our clients operate, such as:

  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Provision of services;
  • Energy and gas
  • Pulp and paper
  • Associations and syndical entities
  • Construction
  • Health
  • Ports and port logistics
  • Federated entities
Digital Law
and Data Protection

Consulting, monitoring and implementation of  compliance and governance programs in privacy and data protection, conformity with the “Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados – LGPD”(Brazilian general data protection law), “Marco Civil da Internet”(Brazilian Civil Internet Mark), technical standards, international legislation and Privacy by Design e Privacy by Default applications.

Conducting diagnostics and risk analysis,  developing Data Protection Impact Reports, business support frameworks to  assist holders and processing agents.

Acting as external Data Protection Officer (DPO) for companies  and entities – DPO as a service.

Creation of internal policies, standards and codes, action plans, continuity plans, risk mitigation, review of clauses and contractual developments.

Carrying out liability investigations involving bilateral/unilateral non-compliance with regulations, legislation and corporate and company policies.

Representation and responses before the “Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados – ANPD” (Brazilian National Data Protection Authority) in incidents involving data breaches, as well as acting in Administrative Sanctioning Proceedings before the ANPD.

Adaptation and customized procedures for large companies as well as startups, fintechs, legaltechs, micro-enterprises and small companies.

Logo Parceiro: IBPD - Instituto Brasileiro de Proteção de Dados
Labor Law

Our business labor sector takes a strategic and proactive approach, working on a close collaboration with our clients to understand their specific business needs and goals. We develop customized legal solutions for each client, guaranteeing that their concerns are going to be approached effectively and efficiently. Our team of experienced labor lawyers understands the complexity of labor laws. We offer a wide range of legal services, from the elaboration of employment contracts to the resolution of labor disputes. Besides that, we are available for ongoing legal advice for supported decision-making.

As a Law Office that values technology, we use the most recent resources to provide  efficient and high-quality legal services. We are committed to keeping our clients informed about the changes in labor laws and regulations, as well as ensuring that they are prepared to face any legal challenge. Our corporate labor legal sector is a reliable and experienced partner for companies of all sizes that seek expert legal guidance and advice on issues related to data use and security.

Real Property Law

Dedicated to providing legal advice to companies and investors from the  pre-purchase of the property to the design of the projects and to any problems that may arise after construction, bringing legal security to the negotiations.

We are committed to assisting our clients insetting up the most adequate model for approving, developing, marketing, investing and raising funds, being able to provide to our clients with specialized legal advice through all the process of developing a real estate business.

and ESG

Consultancy and implementation of internal corporate mechanisms and procedures in conformity with the legal and ethical standards required by the line business of the company, seeking to prevent, detect and remedy eventual deviations or illicit practices. It also advises on the planning and evaluation of corporate performance, in compliance with the rules of sustainability and environmental and social responsibility, with the aim of maximizing the company efficiency in terms of the corporate social purpose.


Agribusiness is one of the most important economic areas of Brazil, targeted for its production of food and inputs for renewable energy sources.


Our firm provides advice for the entire agribusiness production chain with a focus on logistics, financing, credit recovery, exporting and importing products and inputs, structuring and modeling tax transactions, and other legal challenges, seeking to facilitate the productivity of rural activities and their producers.


We have a group of specialized professionals directly linked to the agribusiness sector, enabling concise, strategic and planned action. We offer support in labor and welfare issues and represent our clients in lawsuits and legal actions, as well as possessory and related actions.


We provide legal advice on land regularization, rural registration and land acquisition by foreigners, in partnership with BEWS, one of the most prestigious companies in land regularization and property titling in the country, enabling a multidisciplinary approach.

Logo Parceiro: Bews - Regularização Fundiária e Titulação de Imóveis

The Staff

Wesley Bento

Lawyer. Federal District Attorney. Master’s in Constitutional Law at IDP. Postgraduate in Civil Procedural Law at PUC-SP. MBA in Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions at FESP-SP/LSE Enterprise. He was Legal Director of the Federal District Development Agency, Legal Adviser to the Federal District Government, Full Councillor of the Brazilian Lawyers Association /DF, Councillor of the Higher Council of the Federal District Attorney General’s Office and Vice-President of the Federal District Attorneys’ Union. He was President of the Administrative Law Commission and the Public Advocacy Commission, and Vice-President of the OAB/DF Regulatory Law Commission and of the 10th Class of the OAB/DF Ethics and Discipline Court. He is President of the Board of Administration of “DF Gestão de Ativos”. He was in first place on the triple list drawn up by the DF Court of Justice for the vacancy of Judge of the TRE/DF.

Eduardo Muniz Cavalcanti

Lawyer ranked in ITR Tax in 2022 as Highly Recommended in Tax Controversy in 2022. Federal District Attorney. Master in Public Law with an emphasis on Tax and Financial Law from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). He has a degree in Advanced Studies in Tax Law from the University of Salamanca (Spain). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Social Security of the Federal District – IPREV-DF. He was a member of CARF’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Selection Committee. Professor of Law on Graduation and Post-Graduation courses. Former National Treasury Prosecutor, Federal Prosecutor and Prosecutor for the State of Minas Gerais. He has published books and articles.

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